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The Kracht Law Firm's Estate Planning practice assists individuals, in Orlando and throughout the Central Florida area in planning for the future by insuring that our clients affairs are in order, their assets protected and their desires carried out. 

The Kracht Law Firm, centrally located in downtown Winter Park, Florida represents clients in all aspects of Florida probate law.

In Florida an individual's death more often than not triggers the need to conclude the decedents affairs through a process called "Probate" this is the process by which the decedents, assets are collected, creditors are then noticed and paid, and assets are then distributed to beneficiaries.

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From our centrally located office in downtown Orlando we assist clients from across the country with probating the estates of loved ones. Uncontested Florida probate proceedings are largely handled via correspondence and telephonic hearings, when necessary, allowing us to efficiently handle probate matter in every Florida county from our Orlando office.

 Florida Law provides for a sliding scale fee structure for attorney's fees relating to Florida probate matters based on a percentage of the value of the estate. However, our clients most often opt for our Flat-Fee structure and enjoy a significant saving over the statutory fee.

Flat Fee Florida Probate services are often available where the matter is uncontested and where there are a manageable number of estate creditors. To further assist clients in these difficult times short term payment plans are available and the firm also accepts all major credit cards.

The firm assist clients nationwide with all types of Florida Probate Law matters including, Ancillary Florida Probate Administration, Summary Florida Probate Administration, and Formal Florida Probate Administration. 
The Firm's Representation Includes:

  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Living Wills
  • Durable Power of Attorneys
  • General Power of Attorneys
  • Probate Administration
  • Summary Administration
  • Formal Administration

Probate in Florida

The Florida Probate Code requires that personal representatives be represented by a licensed Florida attorney. The Kracht Law Firm can guide you through the probate process from our Orlando offices. The process commences when the will is admitted to probate and the estate is opened in the circuit court, creditors are then notified and the period within which creditors are required to file claims begins to run, petitions to exempt property from the estate are filed and disposed of toward the end of the creditor claim period, creditor claims are examined for validity and accuracy by the firm and the firm will seek to have any untimely claims stricken, settlement negotiations are commenced on any remaining claims, once all claims are settled, paid or otherwise resolved the estate can be concluded and remaining assets distributed in accordance with the will.

Summary Probate Administration is available in Florida Probate matters where the decedent passed away more than two years ago or where there are non-exempt estate assets having a value of less than $75,000. Summary Probate Administration in Florida is a much quicker and less costly proceeding. However, in Summary Administration a Personal Representative is not appointed. Centrally, located in Orlando the Kracht Law Firm provides Florida Summary Probate Administration services statewide and in most cases for a flat fee.

Ancillary Probate Administration is necessary when a decedent was not a Florida resident at the time of their death, but owned real property in the State of Florida at the time of death. In such a situation it is necessary for an Ancillary Probate Estate to be filed in the Florida county in which the decedent owned property at the time of their death. This is necessary in order to pass title to the Florida property to the heirs or beneficiaries of the decedent. Centrally located in Orlando the Kracht Law Firm provides Florida Ancillary Probate Administration services statewide and in most cases for a flat fee.

Formal Probate Administration is required in most cases where the decedent has passed away less than two years ago or where there are non-exempt estate assets having a value of more than $75,000. Formal Probate Administration in Florida involves having the court appoint a Personal Representative, who assist the attorney in collecting estate assets, faciliating the payment of creditor claims and in the distribution of the remaining estate assets the heirs or beneficiaries. Centrally located in Orlando the Kracht Law Firm provides Florida Formal Probate Administration services statewide and in some cases at a flat fee.